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Woman working on desktop computer

2 min read

Enhance Your Nuxeo Experience with Genus UI

Are you a Nuxeo user looking to revolutionize your user interface (UI) experience? Good news! Genus Technologies has recently released a groundbreaking UI designed to provide Nuxeo customers with flexibility and control, making everyday tasks like...

Automation with tablet

5 min read

Top 5 Strategies to Implement Intelligent Automation

Recently Genus partnered with Kofax and Carahsoft to present a webinar outlining the strategies for implementing intelligent automation within the...

Designer looking at sneaker with 3D image in the background on computer

4 min read

How 3D Asset Management Helps Streamline Production Processes

In our previous post, 3D Asset Values: The Benefits of Implementing a DAM System, we explored key features of Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems...

Designer looking at 3D image on computer

3 min read

3D Asset Values: The Benefits of Implementing a DAM System

Are you sure you're ready to scale the creation and use of 3D assets across your organization? You've already transitioned from a physical to a...

Hands on laptop with workflow icons

2 min read

Optimize Your Business Operations with ServiceNow's Automation Engine

As businesses increasingly rely on digital processes, workflow automation has become critical for improving efficiency and productivity. ServiceNow's...

Office worker looking at invoices on desktop computer

2 min read

Automate Commercial Invoice Data Entry with Genus Advanced Table Processor

Long ago, nations settled on a standard way to conduct international trade business. Those agreements and other agreed-upon standards make up...

Security icon over computer keyboard

2 min read

Simplify 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) Compliance With Mobile ID

For any financial services firm, making certain the customer is who they say they are is mandatory for both obvious and regulatory reasons. Without...

Automation technology background with icons

3 min read

The Advantages of Automating Customer Onboarding Systems

Opening a new account or applying for a mortgage involves asking for and handling customer information from different sources and from almost any...

Marketing leader meeting with his team

3 min read

Explore Advanced DAM Solutions and Maximize the Value of Your Content

In previous articles, we’ve explained what a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutionis, along with a glimpse into how DAM has evolved. However, it's...

Industrial engineer working on content workflow on computer

2 min read

Modernize Your ECM with a Content Services Platform (CSP)

In today's fast-paced business landscape, your content and data play a vital role in driving your organization forward. While Enterprise Content...