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Hospital worker on digital device

3 min read

Container Deployment Works for a Large Healthcare Provider

As I noted in a previous post, containers are a big part of any cloud transition as they combine an application and its underlying prerequisites into neat packages. IBM’s Cloud Pack for Automation (CP4BA) brings that concept of containerization to...

Man waiting for update on computer screen

1 min read

Hard, But Necessary: Keeping Up with Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) Releases

Software currency is hard. Keeping up with the stream of updates every software vendor releases can completely consume your talented staff of system...

Man working on desktop computer

2 min read

Enhance Record Quality by Improving User Experience

User experience expert Sean Gerety said that “the technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” Content...

Genus front office

1 min read

Genus Technologies Announces the Acquisition of HatchWork Solutions; Jimar Garcia Joins as Head of Tungsten (formerly Kofax) Practice

Genus Technologies, a Tungsten Automation Titanium Partner and a leader in Intelligent Automation, announces the acquisition of the assets of...

Two women talking in office

4 min read

Container Deployment Works for a Large County

In a 2021 Forbes article, Evgeniy Altynpara, CEO of mobile app development company Cleveroad, outlined the big reasons cloud computing is a thing and...

Man looking at sneaker on desktop computer

4 min read

What is PAM? Everything you need to know about Product Asset Management

A Product Asset Management solution is the next generation of Digital Asset Management (DAM). Product Asset Management connects content, data, and...

Two men working on computer with one man pointing to the screen

1 min read

Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) Capture: Export Credentials Management Window

There is a little-known feature called “Export Credentials Management”, where you can update your export credentials all in one place instead of...

Developer working on computer code

2 min read

Using Machine Learning to Transform your Business

Automatically extracting processable data from business documents, whether they have the structure of a form or not, is key to business efficiency....

Hands on keyboard with calculator and receipts

2 min read

Processing Cash Receipts with an Internal Lockbox Solution

A key financial process for any business is getting the check in the bank. Leaving customer payments laying around is literally leaving money on the...

Woman working on computer

1 min read

Simplifying Balancing Between Tungsten Automation TotalAgility and Upstream Applications

Today’s transactional systems make the concept of real-time updates a reality. Such updates are mandatory for systems like online ordering, where...

Man looking concerned at computer

1 min read

What to do when Tungsten Automation's Transformation’s Table Locator does not work

The Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) Transformation’s Table Locator is a powerful tool for extracting data presented on a document in table form....

Hands on laptop keyboard with icons

2 min read

Dynamic Ingestion Requirements Mandate Dynamic Forms

Document automation applications often have straightforward requirements. An ingested item belongs to a specific class, and that class includes...

Work team looking at something interesting

1 min read

Healthy Classification and Extraction Models are Key to Performance in Tungsten Automation Transformation Projects

You finally completed the document automation project. The model is trained, the rules are in place, the validation routines are validating, and...