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2 min read

Top 5 Advantages of Implementing Cloud Pak for Business Automation Container-Based Architecture to your Organization

If you’ve been thinking of moving your FileNet to cloud and containers, we understand it can be a little overwhelming. Modernizing can be daunting, and concerns of security, cost, and a dip in productivity are always top of mind.

Hands on laptop with uploading icon

1 min read

Be Ready for the Improvements in Tungsten Automation Transformation

With the latest releases of Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) TotalAgility® and Capture, Tungsten is including Tungsten Transformation 7.0. One of...

Woman with tablet pointing at globe on translucent screen

2 min read

The Case for Completing Digital Transformation: A pandemic forced change; is that change working?

Enterprises have long strived to carry out digital transformation—the transition of workflows and processes from physical medias into completely...

Hands on laptop with document icons

1 min read

AIIM Insights: When Old Becomes New Again

Large power-players. Records management solutions. Compliance-focused content.

Speaker with two people talking in the background

3 min read

Talking to Boxes and Other NLP Advancements

Many in the world—and I count myself among them—are well into the era of verbally conversing with machines. I speak, of course, about voice-enabled...

Hands on laptop with icons

3 min read

Data Extraction: Overcoming Challenges in Document Processing

In the world of engineering, especially in software development, there is a constant demand to simplify complex processes. The goal is to create...

Team members shaking hands

2 min read

The Importance of Availability on Implementation Time and ROI

Spring is here and with it, what many would say, is the best time of the year in sports. March Madness is in full swing, Major League Baseball...

Man working on laptop

2 min read

Helpful Hints for Tungsten Automation Capture Imports, Batch Class, & PDF Documents

Batch Class Import Have you ever configured a batch class to import electronic documents (i.e., eDocuments in Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax)...

Smiling man on the computer

2 min read

Low-Code Platforms Deliver Greater Operational Efficiency

Low-Code Development: The Next Generation Content Application Enabler Now more than ever it’s important to ensure your content-rich processes are...

Abstract image of finger pointing to neon graph

4 min read

Key Considerations for Successful Digital Transformation in Insurance and Finance

Insurance and finance companies have begun to see cost-savings and improved customer experience benefits enabled by digital transformation...

Developer writing code

3 min read

Low-Code -  A Compromise of IT and Non-IT Developers?

The Culture of Low-Code I suspect there is a bit of “maker” in all of us. I, for one, do like to tinker and recently wrapped up construction of a...

Man working on digital tablet

3 min read

Using Automation to Better Serve Your Constituents

Challenges of Serving Constituents Well before the recent remote work explosion, state and local governments had a significant challenge delivering...

Developers working on code with one man pointing at the screen

1 min read

How to Move/Migrate Your Tungsten Automation Software License to a New Server

Note to reader: This article was written before the rebrand of Kofax to Tungsten Automation. The code lines may have changed. If you find that's the...