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Developer looking at code

2 min read

SoftBridge Language (SBL) to Kofax Capture

Software development environments and techniques age and eventually expire. And so it is with SoftBridge Language (SBL) used within Kofax Capture...

Woman working on ledgers on computer

2 min read

Simplifying General Ledger Coding in Invoice Processing

In an ideal world, new systems are simple to use and implement instantly across the enterprise. In the real world, not so much. The sheer size of new...

Man waiting for update on computer screen

1 min read

Hard, But Necessary: Keeping Up with Kofax Releases

Software currency is hard. Keeping up with the stream of updates every software vendor releases can completely consume your talented staff of system...

Two men working on computer with one man pointing to the screen

1 min read

Kofax Capture: Export Credentials Management Window

There is a little-known feature called “Export Credentials Management”, where you can update your export credentials all in one place instead of...

Hands on laptop with uploading icon

1 min read

Be Ready for the Improvements in Kofax Transformation

With the latest releases of Kofax TotalAgility® and Kofax Capture, Kofax is including Kofax Transformation (KT) 7.0. One of the key changes with that...

Woman updating software on laptop

1 min read

Kofax Updates: New Versions and Fix Packs

Three separate updates below: 1. Kofax Insight 6.5.0 is now available. What's New in Kofax Insight 6.5.0?

Man working on laptop

2 min read

Helpful Hints for Kofax Capture Imports, Batch Class, & PDF Documents

Batch Class Import Have you ever configured a batch class to import electronic documents (i.e., eDocuments in Kofax) and noticed that when those...

Developers working on code with one man pointing at the screen

1 min read

How to Move/Migrate Your Kofax Software License to a New Server

These are the following steps on how to move your Kofax Capture software license from an old Kofax Capture environment to a New Kofax Capture...