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1 min read

How to Move/Migrate Your Tungsten Automation Software License to a New Server

Note to reader: This article was written before the rebrand of Kofax to Tungsten Automation. The code lines may have changed. If you find that's the case, please contact the Genus tech team for more information. These are the following steps on how...

Orange warning icon

1 min read

Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities

Genus is aware of the recently disclosed Apache Log4j2 vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) and the impact this may have on your organization as a widely...

Woman smiling while working on laptop

1 min read

Staying Current on Tungsten Automation Release Levels and Capabilities

Product lifecycle management is an ongoing process, and we know it can be daunting. Below you will find information and links to make this process...

Young woman working with video on computer

3 min read

Achieve Better Video Marketing with a Video Management System

In this modern “do more with less” world we live in, rarely is your marketing and advertising department able to afford a video expert. Most likely,...

Man smiling while working on computer

1 min read

Tungsten Automation Power PDF: Built for Business Users

Now, with more robust scanning accuracy and e-signature integration Power PDF provides powerful PDF management built for business users. Minimize...

Abstract code against server room

3 min read

Lighting up Dark Content

The data science community likes to speak of dark data and how they, as experts, can bring tremendous insight to any business by simply shining their...

Woman working on photographs on computer

1 min read

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Has Evolved – Have You Kept Up?

Traditionally, the need for DAM has been rooted in the idea that your content needed to be:

Hands on keyboard with workflow icons

3 min read

What is Document Automation?

The concept of document automation is using a machine instead of a human to identify the document type and capture core business information from the...

Upload on laptop

2 min read

What is DAM? And other questions about digital asset management, answered

What is DAM? Digital asset management or DAM is term for organizing digital assets in a central location where they can be analyzed, stored, found,...

Man surrounded by paper documents

1 min read

When is Automation Intelligent? The Question You Should Ask Instead of "What is Intelligent Automation?"

To serve customers, businesses tend to solve process problems quickly—although not often also with efficiency. Instead, the solve often includes...

Abstract code with corporate workers in the background

1 min read

Improving Accounts Payable Department Efficiency with AP Automation [On-Demand Webinar]

Accounts payable is a critical part of every business and takes up about 49% of every finance team’s time according to the AQPC’s Open Standards...

abstract woman head with images imposed

1 min read

Are New Content Services Platforms Ready for Video and Digital Asset Management?

Over the past several years, businesses have begun to move away from using traditional ECM (Enterprise Content Management). Instead, seeking to...

White Paper: HCFA & UB Form Automation

Learn how to eliminate choke points in medical claims processing with Genus ActiveClaim. This White Paper discusses how automation conquers the...