Mark LaFrenz

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4 min read

What is PAM? Everything you need to know about Product Asset Management

A Product Asset Management solution is the next generation of Digital Asset Management (DAM). Product Asset Management connects content, data, and assets throughout the product lifecycle, from ideation to creation to sales to support. Although a...

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2 min read

The Importance of Availability on Implementation Time and ROI

Spring is here and with it, what many would say, is the best time of the year in sports. March Madness is in full swing, Major League Baseball...

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1 min read

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Has Evolved – Have You Kept Up?

Traditionally, the need for DAM has been rooted in the idea that your content needed to be:

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Are New Content Services Platforms Ready for Video and Digital Asset Management?

Over the past several years, businesses have begun to move away from using traditional ECM (Enterprise Content Management). Instead, seeking to...