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Intelligent Automation (3)

Man working on digital tablet

3 min read

Using Automation to Better Serve Your Constituents

Challenges of Serving Constituents Well before the recent remote work explosion, state and local governments had a significant challenge delivering...

Developers working on code with one man pointing at the screen

1 min read

How to Move/Migrate Your Kofax Software License to a New Server

These are the following steps on how to move your Kofax Capture software license from an old Kofax Capture environment to a New Kofax Capture...

Man smiling while working on computer

1 min read

Kofax Power PDF: Built for business users

Now, with more robust scanning accuracy and e-signature integration Power PDF provides powerful PDF management built for business users. Minimize...

Abstract code with corporate workers in the background

1 min read

Improving Accounts Payable Department Efficiency with AP Automation [On-Demand Webinar]

Accounts payable is a critical part of every business and takes up about 49% of every finance team’s time according to the AQPC’s Open Standards...