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Low-Code Platforms Deliver Greater Operational Efficiency

Low-Code Platforms Deliver Greater Operational Efficiency

Low-Code Development: The Next Generation Content Application Enabler

Now more than ever it’s important to ensure your content-rich processes are digitized and streamlined. That’s why ‘low code’ development is quickly rising in popularity across the industries we work in and beyond. The realization that teams can configure content-based applications quickly is particularly exciting for organizations as we enter this new era of digital-first.

Low-code development is about giving companies the ability to create and roll out new automations without having to engage in long development projects. It makes developers more efficient by allowing them to re-use existing components and templates to speed up application delivery.

Development teams with access to a low-code development platform can deliver new content-based services and experiences within just a few weeks vs what might have previously taken up to 12 months. This ability to sprint from idea to automation puts businesses in an enormously powerful position relative to their competitors.

Making regular content assets work harder

Making everyday business content work harder requires fulfillment of two conditions:

  • Existing information silos need to be bridged so that content can be unlocked and used in new ways
  • Content needs to be made ‘smarter’ so that it is easier to find, combine, analyze, and act on.

This involves using smart technologies like AI and machine learning to enrich the data about content, so that it can be found and exploited more readily. AI can even find information within rich context, going beyond the simple location of simple data elements.

For photos and video, smart content transformation might involve applying image recognition or transcription (speech-to-text) technology, so that search or analytics tools can automatically find relevant references without someone having to trawl through images or footage manually.

Rolling out new experiences as opportunities knock

What’s exciting is that all of this is within reach today, for organizations of all shapes and sizes. For example, if a car insurance company wants to roll out a new customer portal with a capability to allow claimants to upload photographic evidence directly from a mobile phone, they can do so quickly and efficiently. By adding AI capabilities, automation can even extract critical data from those photos (such as the registration numbers of vehicles involved in an incident).

Such services aren’t just about improving the customer experience; they also pave the way for process automation and greater operational efficiency.

No time to waste

For a lot of companies, the building blocks for advanced content-based services already exist within the organization – buried in filing cabinets or departmental document repositories. Innovation and improved operational efficiency starts with making that knowledge more widely shareable.

With a smart content services platform offering a rich library of reusable software functions, companies can tap into a world of new possibilities, overcoming the major downfall of ECM: that it’s so difficult to build and iterate new apps based on its contents.

Certainly, low code development and artificial intelligence are two technologies that can be transformative when it comes to content. They can help companies turn old and new content, however siloed and unstructured, into something highly valuable and dynamic– quickly, cost-effectively, and at low risk. And in the current climate of uncertainty, that’s a very powerful proposition indeed.

If you’re ready to start implementing a ‘low-code’ development technique, our team is here to help. With more than 1,200 projects under our belt, our consultants understand your challenges and know how to solve them. Let us help you to drive innovation and take advantage of the benefits that brings to your business.

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