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The Future of Document Processing: TotalAgility 8.0's Pre-Built Models

The Future of Document Processing: TotalAgility 8.0's Pre-Built Models

With the latest release of Tungsten Automation (formerly Kofax) TotalAgility 8.0, an exciting feature has arrived: pre-built document extraction models, available for deployment using your existing Transformation licensing. If you haven't explored TotalAgility's Transformation capabilities for extracting data from your document content yet, now might be the perfect time to revisit.

Data extraction stands as a cornerstone in the journey towards document process automation. The ability to extract crucial business data confidently and accurately from structured and semi-structured forms can immensely benefit any organization.

Constructing Transformation Extraction models has traditionally been a daunting task, requiring significant time and expertise. However, the payoff for investing in these models can be substantial, leading to marked improvements in document processes when executed thoughtfully.

Historically, a typical Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution required gathering sample content and manually constructing extraction models from scratch. While these models could improve over time with online learning, they often required manual configuration and training during their construction, presenting a steep learning curve for newcomers. 


Tungsten (formerly Kofax) Document Library Server is hosted in the cloud and already configured for use in TotalAgility 8.0:

01_TA8 Cloud Docs


Introducing Tungsten Automation Document Library Cloud Service 

This new service offers a ready-to-use collection of document types, seamlessly integrated into TotalAgility. Hosted in the Tungsten cloud, this library comes preconfigured and readily available upon installation.

At its core lies the new Predefined Document Type Locator, now accessible in Transformation Designer. This locator enables users to query the cloud service for available document types and their respective fields. During runtime, documents are sent to the cloud service, and the extracted data is stored in TotalAgility fields.


The new feature allows for the automatic creation and mapping of document index fields from the locator details:

02_TA8 Cloud Docs


In the TotalAgility 8.0 release, the library includes pre-built Extraction models for the following document types: 

  • Bank Statement (US) 
  • Paystubs (US)
  • IRS 1099-Misc
  • IRS 1040-Base
  • IRS W-4
  • IRS W-2
  • Utility Bills (English)


Furthermore, Tungsten has already announced that more document models are in the pipeline to be added along with automatic updates of existing models. These pre-built models serve as an invaluable resource for rapidly prototyping new extraction processes. In some instances, they may support a production extraction process entirely. 

Setting up a model is simple and quick. Create a project in Transformation Designer, add a class for the desired document type, incorporate a pre-defined document type locator, select the document type to process, and automatically create and map index fields from the locator details screen. Test and release your project, and your extraction process is ready for integration within a TotalAgility process map.

My initial testing with sample Bank Statements was promising – setup was easy, and the results were impressive. I expect these models will improve and expand over time allowing for high-quality extraction models to be utilized by anyone seeking to streamline their document-centric business processes.

While they offer simplicity in setup and deployment, these locators are not individually configurable. Because of that, they may not suffice as standalone solutions on their own. In situations with more complex requirements, projects can be easily extended with additional locators, evaluators, and validation logic. 


Here's a quick mini-demo recorded from the Tungsten Launch Deck:



TotalAgility 8.0 – Stay Tuned for More Features

  • Copilot for process/form creation assistance 
  • LLM Integration 
  • Key Value Pair Locator – No training required 
  • Redaction support in TotalAgility Capture activities
  • Integration Improvements
  • Continuous Deployment Schedules

For an overview of TotalAgility 8.0 and all the new upgrades, check out "5 Reasons Why TotalAgility 8.0 is Essential to Your Business."

In the upcoming weeks, we'll continue spotlighting many of the updated features in TotalAgility 8.0 and how they can benefit your business processes.

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